Agrokultura has invested in farmland and has produced agricultural commodities in Eastern Europe since 2007. Using modern western equipment and techniques, Agrokultura delivers market leading yields in the fertile regions in which it operates.

Its land bank of over 200,000 ha produces a variety of agricultural commodities such as wheat, rapeseed, barley, corn, sunflower and sugar beet which are sold for domestic and export consumption. Local and international management expertise combines to deliver an attractive return on capital for its shareholders.

September 2015 update on squeeze out process:

Magna Finance Investments Limited is expected to obtain advanced title to the minority investor shares during autumn 2015, at which point the minority shareholders will receive undisputed redemption amount (expected to be SEK 4.50 per share) which will be distributed by Euroclear to each directly registered shareholder's proceeds account registered with Euroclear. For shareholders holding their shares with a custodian, the amount will be distributed to the custodian, which will pay out the amount to the shareholder. At the same time, the minority shareholders' Agrokultura shares will be distributed to Magna, which then will hold 100% of the shares in Agrokultura. Should the arbitration panel rule a higher redemption amount, this shall be paid to the shareholders in due course which may take 1 - 2 years.


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